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Name:Kanaya Maryam
Birthdate:Dec 25


Your name is KANAYA MARYAM.

You are one of the few of your kind who can withstand the BLISTERING ALTERNIAN SUN, and perhaps the only who enjoys the feel of its rays. As such, you are one of the few of your kind who has taken a shining to LANDSCAPING. You have cultivated a lush oasis around your hive, and in particular, you have honed your craft through the art of TOPIARY, sculpting your trees to match the PUFFY ORACLES from your dreams. You have embraced the tool of this trade, which conveniently is the weapon of choice for those who would hunt the HEINOUS BROODS OF THE UNDEAD which crawl from the sand at sunrise to feast on the light and the living.

It would be convenient if you actually hunted them, but it is of course far too dangerous, every bit as suicidal as attempting to poach the terrible MUSCLEBEASTS who roam at night. So you indulge in your bright fascination with the grim through literature. Just before the sun goes down and you join your flora in rest, you immerse yourself in tales of RAINBOW DRINKERS and SHADOW DROPPERS and FORBIDDEN PASSION.

You are one of the few of your kind with JADE GREEN BLOOD. As such you are one of the few who could be selected and raised by a VIRGIN MOTHER GRUB, an event so rare as to elude documented precedent. She would defend you from desert threats, and though her life would be short, in time you would assure her of progeny.

You are one of the few of your kind whose affection for the aesthetic strongly overpowers instinctive regard for the utilitarian. As such, you are one of the few of your kind who has developed a zeal for FASHION and DESIGN and LIVELY COLORFUL PATTERNS. You decorate your hive with FLORA and FABRIC, as delicately or aggressively as inspiration demands. You are a SEAMSTRESS or a RAGRIPPER or a TREETRIMMER or a LUMBERJACK, whichever you care to be, and your unique hive is equipped with a great supply of advanced technology to accommodate your interests. The technology and indeed the hive itself were all recovered from the ruins nearby when you were very young. The seed of your hive was deployed on the volcanic rocks beneath the sand with the assistance of your lusus and her remarkable burrowing skills, and you have lived there happily together since.

You know the ruins and the hive and everything here that is not sand and rock originated from the world of your dreams. You also know that one day you will visit this world while you are awake. That day is today.

Your trolltag is
grimAuxiliatrix and you Tend To Enunciate Each Word You Speak Very Clearly And Carefully

What will you do?

Kanaya is a humanoid creature called a troll, with grey skin like the rest of her species and black hair which is short and nicely styled in comparison to the rest of the troll's wild hair. She also has a candy-corn-themed pair of horns with one crooked at the tip and a pair of yellow eyes with black irises what will fill with her blood colour as she ages. She's six sweeps old, which, when converted to earth years, is thirteen years old and stands just a little bit taller than most trolls her age.

She is FASHON minded, and has a large selection of alternate outfits, though her default outfit tends to stick towards a red skirt with a black t-shirt pulled over longer sleeves.

She is quiet, and slow to anger, though this seems to be a very unwise thing to do.

Kanaya is from Homestuck and is the intellectual property of Andrew Hussie. I am merely borrowing her to play in [community profile] milliways_bar

Interests (10):

chainsaws, design, fashion, forbidden passions, landscaping, lipstick, lively colourful patterns, rainbow drinkers, shadow droppers, topiary

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